July 27, 2022

“Dralo” Ball Stop Fencing is Quiet and Safe

Reasonably priced rectangular meshes are a winner!

Dralo ball stop fencing is completely firm with a discreet design. It is vandal proof, very quiet when hit by a ball and relatively inexpensive. The nets are even more cost-effective, featuring the cheaper rectangular mesh and different mesh sizes.

Play areas play an important role in residential estates, allowing children and youngsters to keep themselves busy playing sport. However football pitches are not always welcome because balls often get kicked off the pitch into the surrounding area. So these play areas are enclosed by high steel grating which provides protection but does nothing about the noise.

When they are fitted with vandal-proof HUCK Dralo nets, danger and noise are a thing of the past because even footballs kicked really hard are stopped gently by the net and rebound lightly.

HUCK vandal-proof nets have a modern, attractive look. These machine-made steel cable nets are manufactured with a square mesh as standard. Even though they are very sturdy, they retain their attractive look for years to come.

A price advantage is also offered by Dralo nets with their 50 mm x 100 mm or 50 mm x 200 mm rectangular mesh structure (without an edging seam up to a fence height of 5 m). While close-mesh nets are used in the lower section to make it hard for children and youngsters to climb up, large, better value mesh higher up also provides the desired level of protection.

The transition of the meshes is done in one piece with no seam. HUCK plans, manufactures and installs the safety fences. Existing fence systems can be equipped with ball stop nets later on or converted. Contact us for a quote!

Up to a net height of 2 m for example, the 50 mm x 100 mm mesh size is hard to climb up.

Above 2 m the 50 mm x 200 mm mesh size of the net offers great value and is perfectly sufficient for stopping balls.