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Climbing Nets & Bridges

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Climbing Nets & Bridges for All Playgrounds

Climbing is an important part of physical development, helping children build strength, balance and coordination – and our range of rope-based nets and bridges provide a way for children to engage in safe, challenging play.

Our range includes pieces suitable for every manner of playground, including schools, holiday parks, councils and attraction play parks. From jungle bridges to rope ladders and net tunnels, we have a fantastic range of rope-based nets and bridges for your playground and the children playing there.

Tough Climbing Nets for Scrambling

We offer a wide range of climbing rope options and connectors to suit various playground styles and locations. All our climbing nets are made from multi-strand polypropylene rope or our signature Hercules rope, available in our 11 standard rope colours, including red, blue and green.

A climbing net offers a challenging alternative to stairs or ladders when travelling between different levels and helps children develop their coordination and muscle strength. It’ll set your playground apart from the rest and encourage kids of all ages to come out and play!

Our signature Hercules rope is our most popular climbing net choice, consisting of a 16 mm diameter rope with 2.5 mm-thick steel strands within. These ropes and nets have superior UV and abrasion resistance, which prevents the rope from most weathering damage.

Our rope connector options include:

  • Plastic connectors
  • Cross-stitch joining
  • Knot-tied connector
  • Stainless steel clips
  • Stainless steel ball connectors

Our polypropylene rope is available in various mesh sizes from 11 cm to 50 cm and diameters of 16 mm to 25 mm. This climbing rope is made from UV-proof multifilament polypropylene and is knot-tied, which helps to boost the durability of this netting.

Rope Bridges for Balance and Coordination

We offer a range of rope bridge options that make excellent additions to any playground, no matter the size! This classic piece of play equipment is an exciting way to connect different areas and create a continuous flow throughout the playground.

Our V-shaped bridges are designed to pose a physical challenge for children and add lots of fun. The V-shape helps them develop core motor skills and boosts their confidence through play.

We also offer Wooden Rung Rope Bridges that feature additional wooden rungs along the base. These bridges are ideal for younger kids and are fantastic as part of any playground! The rope components of this bridge are made from our Hercules steel-core rope for added structure and support.

Lastly, our Jungle Bridge is a great choice to create a fun way for children to get around the playground. It’s great as a standalone bridge and even better when used as a walkway connecting two larger structures.

Net Tunnels

Our range also includes top-quality Net Tunnels that makes the ideal addition to any playground. This piece of equipment gives children an elevated space to run around in and explore.

Our Net Tunnel is available in two height options of 0.90 m and 1.20 m. You can also choose between a running surface of 0.75 m or 0.90 m, so it’ll fit your play area perfectly.

Climbing Ropes

You’ll even find a range of Climbing Ropes to bring classic fun to any playground, big or small. These ropes add some serious fun to your playground as well as help build children’s strength and hand-eye coordination.

Our Climbing Ropes offer children a significant physical challenge that tests their upper body strength and coordination. We have various options of climbing ropes available, including Hercules ropes in 16mm, 18mm, and 25mm and available in 5 colours. We also have Polypropylene climbing ropes available in 24mm and 33mm.

Request your quote for our climbing nets and bridges online or get in touch with us directly by:

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Climbing Nets

Our climbing nets can be used as a fantastic alternative to steps and slopes, providing a challenging and physically engaging experience for children. Choose from five different connecting points and our standard rope colours in multi-strand polypropylene or our signature Hercules rope.


Our playground rope bridges add an iconic element of fun to any outdoor play area. Choose from classic and modern rope bridge designs suitable for council parks, holiday parks, commercial play areas, school playgrounds and more.