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Rope Pyramids

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Rope Pyramids for Playgrounds

Add an exciting new feature to your playground with our rope pyramids! These playground rope pyramids make seriously fun additions to any play area, encouraging children to climb, explore, interact and build their confidence.

We have a fantastic range of both small and large rope pyramids that'll fit right into your playground and provide children with endless amounts of fun.

Using the skills of our expert design team and the experience of our manufacturing team, we have created a variety of rope pyramids that are not only safe and durable but also visually appealing and stimulating for children.

Why Choose Rope Pyramids?

Having a diverse range of playground equipment is important in any outdoor play area. Our rope pyramids offer a unique challenge for children to conquer, promoting physical activity and developing essential skills such as coordination, balance, and strength.

They also encourage imaginative play and provide opportunities for social interaction with other children. So, aside from being lots of fun, rope pyramids also offer numerous benefits for a child's physical and social development.

Our rope net pyramids are also popular among large outdoor play areas, such as commercial and adventure play parks, because they cater to a wider age range of children. Our big rope pyramids also provide plenty of room for multiple children to play on at once, making them perfect for busy playgrounds.

Our Playground Rope Pyramid Collection

You'll find we have a fantastic range of rope pyramids in lots of different shapes and sizes. We've designed each piece to offer numerous challenges and opportunities for play, with variations in difficulty levels to suit children of different ages.

SPIDER Rope Pyramids

Our SPIDER Rope Pyramids come in 4 different sizes: the SPIDER 4, 6, and 8, with the SPIDER 6 also available in a 6-guy lines option.

These pyramid structures feature a central vertical galvanised steel post and ropes that extend outward, creating a unique and visually striking design. Children can climb their way to the top and weave in and out of the ropes, testing their strength and coordination along the way.

They're suitable for children starting at 3 years old, all the way up to over 6, so they're a great addition to any type of playground.

Cheops Rope Pyramids

For a colourful and creative rope pyramid, check out our Cheops Rope Pyramids! These structures feature a rounded pyramid shape with multiple platforms for children to navigate their way through.

These pyramids are available in a mini, midi, midi combination and maxi size, catering to children aged 3 and up. They also come in various vibrant colour options, making them a fun and eye-catching addition to any playground.

Dino Rope Pyramids

Our DINO Rope Pyramids are some of the most popular in our collection, combining our iconic Huck Bird's Nests and pyramid structures to create a unique and challenging play experience.

These pyramids feature multiple levels and Bird's Nest platforms for children to climb, scramble and chill out on. They also come in 5 size variations to suit different age ranges and playground sizes.

Our DINO 1 Rope Net Pyramid is a real winner among children over 6. This comes in a standalone pyramid option or with a slide that's connected to the pyramid by a rope bridge. It makes an incredible addition to school playgrounds and holiday parks!

Bespoke Rope Pyramids

All of our rope pyramids can be customised to suit your playground space and design preferences.

Choose from 11 standard rope colours, 7 powder-coated steel colours and 6 rope connector colours to create a unique and personalised rope pyramid for your playground. You can choose the same colours for a uniform design or mix and match for a playful and eye-catching look.

We can also design our rope pyramids to fit into specific areas of your playground, such as around existing structures. We can also add extra challenging features, like slides and bridges, to make your rope pyramid even more exciting.

Our rope pyramids are available for request online, or you can get in touch directly with our team at:

Phone: 01308 425 100

Email: hello@huckplay.co.uk