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The Best Playground Swings

Swings are one of the most popular parts of a play area – and ours offer endless hours of fun! Our range of innovative rope-based playground swings is the perfect way to help kids engage in safe, engaging play that benefits their development.

We’ve created an incredible series of playground swings for all kids – from classic tyre swings to hammocks and even our iconic Huck Bird’s Nest® to bring extra excitement to any playground.

More than just a classic playground feature, our playground swings are designed to challenge children's spatial awareness, balance, rhythm, and muscle control. Our series of swings is suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Our range also includes swing frames made from our classic Douglas Fir posts and our signature galvanised steel posts (powder-coating available on request).

The Original Huck Bird’s Nest® – a Playground Favourite

Our iconic Huck Bird’s Nest® swing seat is our most popular type of swing and is featured in playgrounds all across the UK.

It features our classic nest-style swing seat hanging from suspension chains. It’s a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to engage in teamwork and communication as they work together to swing the nest.

We create the swing seat from a steel-rope chain-link mat with a padded, colourful rope ring. You can customise the colour of the rope ring from any of our 11 rope colours so you can match it to the rest of your playground or fit in with any branding you may have.

Rope-Based Swings & Swing Seats

We also offer rope swing seats for a more natural and creative swing. Our range includes a Rustic Trio and Duo swing that can be used standing up or sitting down, giving children plenty of variety and the ability to take control of the way they play!

The swing seat is made from our square-plaited PP rope, which has excellent durability and looks great, too. These swings work really well when used alongside the rest of our rope-based playground equipment, such as our rope pyramids. They provide a great way to mix up playtime and keep children entertained for hours!

Toddler & Baby Swings Seats

Our range of swing seats also includes a collection of toddler and baby seats to allow even the smallest children to enjoy your playground.

Our Baby Seat is a simple bucket design made from our signature Hercules steel core rope with plastic connectors, providing great support for very young children. And our Toddler seat is available in a single toddler swing seat and double toddler swing seat design.

Both the rope and the connectors of these swings can be customised with a choice of 11 rope colours and 6 connector colours. You can also mix and match colours for a bespoke design!

Swing Seats for Inclusive Play

To ensure every kid has the opportunity to get involved in playground activities, we also offer a series of inclusive playground swings carefully designed for those with limited mobility.

Our "Swing Bed" Easy Swing is perfect for children over the age of 4 and up to a height of 4ft who require additional support when swinging. With its long seat base and sturdy backrest, this swing allows a child to lie down and enjoy the fun that swinging can bring.

We also stock a range of DDA Swing Seats – in Mini, Midi, and Maxi sizes – that provide additional support for adults and children with additional needs.

Get a quote for any of our playground swings online or get in touch with us directly by:

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Swing Seats

Our rope swings and swing seats are perfect for completing any playground - small or large. From our iconic and renowned Huck Bird's Nest to classic flat and pendulum swing seats, we have some fantastic options for your outdoor space that children will love.