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Rope Play Equipment

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Are you searching for rope playground equipment to start a new play area or refresh your existing space? Look no further than Huck Play!

As the UK's leading supplier of rope-based playground equipment, we have an extensive range of designs and builds suitable for all types of playgrounds – whether that's a small local community park or a big adventure play area.

Using the talent of our in-house design team and expert team of manufacturers, we're proud to offer innovative and high-quality rope playground equipment that will transform your play area into a fun and safe space that kids love.

We create our structures using a combination of galvanised steel frameworks, our signature Hercules rope and highly durable plastic rope connectors, withstanding years of play.

Plus, with safety at the forefront of our designs, all our rope playground equipment complies with the latest European safety standards.

Rope-Based Playground Equipment for All Ages

Playgrounds should be accessible and enjoyable for children of all ages, which is why our rope-based playground equipment caters to a wide range of age groups. From children aged 2 to not-so-little children over 6, you can choose from our extensive range to suit your specific playground needs.

Our rope equipment suited to children aged 2 includes swings and small net towers, like the popular Fortuna Bird's Nest Tower. These pieces are great for local parks or pre-school play areas, as they help to develop balance, coordination and strength while providing lots of stimulating fun.

For children aged 3 and up, our rope play equipment includes slightly more challenging structures such as parcour pieces and rope climbing equipment, like the Dino Mini Net Pyramids. These are perfect for playgrounds in schools, holiday parks or even adventure playgrounds where children can let their imaginations run wild and explore new heights.

And for the older children aged 6 and above, we have a selection of even bigger and better rope play equipment featuring exciting designs like our Bird's Nest Tree series and multi-level climbing structures. These pieces are great for physically and mentally challenging kids while providing a sense of adventure.

Customise Your Rope Playgrounds

To make our rope playground equipment even more special, you can customise the colours of your steel frames, ropes and rope connectors to match any theme or branding you have in mind.

Our galvanised steel posts can be powder coated in any of our 7 standard colours: jet black, signal yellow, sky blue, light green, rose, copper brown, and mint green. You can request a combination of these colours for a completely unique look or stick to one colour for a cohesive appearance.

Not only will the powder coating add a pop of colour to your playground, but it also acts as an additional layer of protection against rust and weathering.

You can also choose from 11 rope shades and 6 rope connector colours to further customise your play area.

Get Started on Your Rope Playground With Huck Play Today

We offer end-to-end services to ensure your playground project runs smoothly, from the design and manufacturing stage to installation and maintenance.

If there are any pieces from our rope playground equipment range that you're interested in, or you want to discuss our bespoke design options, get in touch with us today!

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