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Playground Trampolines and Bouncers

Add some classic fun to your playground with our trampolines and bouncers! We have a brilliant range of raised and in-ground trampolines suited to children of all ages and fit right into any park.

Most Popular Playground Trampolines

We’ve designed our trampolines and bouncers to promote both physical and mental stimulation in children – and tons of fun! Manufactured by our talented team, these pieces of playground equipment will withstand bounce after bounce and provide years of exciting play.

Sunken Trampolines

Our sunken trampolines can be spotted in many playgrounds across the UK, and we have a fantastic variety to choose from!

For the ultimate playground trampoline for your park, the "Maximus" Trampoline is ideal. This model also features sloped impact protection at both ends to make it more accessible for all children. It even has a jumping capacity of 10 users, giving groups of youngsters the opportunity to engage and communicate whilst they play.

For smaller spaces, the "Piccolo" Trampoline is the perfect bouncer for little jumpers! The sunken design means there’s no fall height for little ones to hurt themselves while they develop their muscle control and have fun.

Free-Standing Playground Trampolines

Alongside our in-ground trampolines, we have free-standing trampoline designs! These are great for kids over the age of 3 and make brilliant additions to adventure playgrounds, holiday parks and attraction-based play areas.

Our free-standing Trampoline 2000 model is a fantastic playground bouncer, with a jumping capacity of 8 users.

We also offer our classic Mini Trampoline in a free-standing version for parks short on space, like school playgrounds or local housing development play areas.

Our free-standing trampolines can also be customised with coloured jumping mats and safety tiles. Match them to the rest of your play equipment, or opt for a combination of colours for a truly unique look!

Playground Trampolines With Wheelchair Access

So that no child misses out on playtime, we’ve specially designed our "Rolli" Trampoline with wheelchair-friendly access.

The bouncer features a jumping area of 1.55 x 1.10m, giving plenty of space for wheelchair users and their parents or carers to move and bounce around. We’ve also included sloped impact protection at both ends of the trampoline, which offers easy access on and off the trampoline without the need to turn around.

Request your quote for any of our playground trampolines and bouncers online or get in touch with us to discuss a bigger playground project by:

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