April 19, 2023

Top 5 Incredible Playground Projects We've Worked On Over The Years

The Huck Play team has worked on countless playground projects over the years, giving thousands of children access to fun and exciting play.

From school playgrounds to commercial outdoor areas to holiday sites, we've carried out work on a whole range of playgrounds – and we love every second of it! We're huge advocates for outdoor play, and we truly believe that all children should have access to a playground, whether that's as part of their local community or wherever they're visiting.

We've helped to build some truly incredible playgrounds all over the UK, and we've chosen 4 playground projects we're particularly proud of to show you exactly the type of work that we do.

Monkey World Playground (Dorset)

Monkey World Playground

At the top of our list is the incredible wooden playground project we completed at Monkey World in Dorset. 

We worked on this project around 20 years ago, and that really shows the longevity of our equipment! We're currently working with the centre to renew the ropes that are part of the structures, giving another 20 years of outdoor fun for the centre's visitors.

Our design team worked wonders to come up with a structure that could accommodate plenty of children at a time, choosing a large-scale wooden structure with multiple connecting elements.

The final design featured a huge wooden tower with a net tunnel running all the way down to the ground, a twisty metal tube slide from the top to the bottom of the tower, and a range of scramble net bridges and tunnels. It's a paradise for kids to explore and enjoy!

We also installed our iconic Bird's Nest® swinging basket to add an extra element of fun to the play area, as well as a Dino 3 Rope Net Pyramid.

If there's one example of the dedication and hard work of our team, this playground is it!

“We’re very proud that after 20 years, and hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of happy visitors, the equipment has stood the test of time.” – Tony Lucas, Huck Play Manager

The Web Adventure Park, Creepy Crawlies (York)

The Web Adventure Park in York is a truly fantastic outdoor and indoor adventure playground that we had the privilege of working with on their outdoor playground project. We love that they provide a space dedicated to outdoor play, and we couldn't have been more excited to get involved and support them.

Our design and planning team worked on a huge number of elements, making sure everything was tailored to the space, the environment and the children that would be visiting. 

We created a series of large-scale rope bridges, scramble nets and swings, providing children with a huge range of options for outdoor play.

It's safe to say that the result of this project was a massive success! We worked closely with the client to ensure they got the exact play area they dreamed of, and it definitely shows.

“We love this play area as it blends beautifully into the natural landscape, but at the same time offers a huge amount of play value and exciting opportunities for adventure and exploration!” – Tony Lucas, Huck Play Manager

The Leys Recreational Ground (Oxfordshire)

The Leys Playground

The Leys Recreational Ground in Oxfordshire is a huge outdoor space where children can enjoy a range of play activities, including water jets and all the playground equipment we installed!

Our incredible Black Forest Bird's Nest Tower is the star of the show here, standing 6.90 metres tall and involving a whole mix of elements. There are scramble nets, rope ladders and tunnels and slides, all connected and supported by huge timber beams to create a fully integrated play structure.

Since its installation, the structure has been used by a range of children, from families visiting for a day out to local Cadet groups who use the area for training.

Alongside the Bird's Nest Tower, we also installed a range of other equipment from our extensive range, including our iconic Bird's Nest swing and log stepping stones for a natural parkour trail.

If you're interested in getting started on a bespoke playground project like this, give us a call or send us an email – we'd love to discuss your ideas with you!

“This was a truly exciting project! The Black Forest Combination Tower was the first one installed in the UK. We worked closely with the client and the local community to ensure they received the perfect adventure play area. We certainly feel we achieved this.” – Tony Lucas, Huck Play Manager

Local Community Playground in Broadwindsor (Dorset)

The Leys Playground

We don't just work on large-scale and commercial playground projects – we also carry out work on smaller local community playground projects, and that's exactly what we did at Broadwindsor in Dorset.

We love working to produce projects that give the locals something to enjoy and be proud of, and this playground certainly did that. We installed a range of different play elements so that children of all different ages can get involved and play.

The centrepiece of the playground is our Eagles Nest Tree, combining 3 Huck Bird's Nest's®, a ladder, a climbing net and a climbing chimney. We also included a variety of other swinging, spinning and climbing equipment to create a versatile and fun play area for the local residents.

The result? An incredible playground that makes every visitor smile!

“A tricky project with a very uneven site, protected trees, non-recorded drains and torrential rain! However, the infectious community spirit helped us battle through the elements to produce a fantastic play area for all ages.” – Tony Lucas, Huck Play Manager

West Bay Play Area (Dorset)

West Bay Playground

In the town where our Huck office is based, we carried out a project for a play area at the local beach all the way back in 2010, and it's still a proud project of ours, and one that we're known for in the area.

The playground equipment at the West Bay play area was designed to reflect a shipwreck, with three main sections of the playground representing different parts of the ship. Not only that, but the rope used as part of the structures reflects the local history of rope making – so the whole playground is a tribute to the area's heritage.

The play area is popular with both children and teenagers, with a range of play equipment to suit different age ranges and accommodate the vast numbers of people that visit the beach, whether that be locals or people visiting from further afield for holidays or day trips.

You can take a virtual tour of the play area right here – it's a truly unique project, and one we're so proud of!

“This site is our true pride and joy, and highlights just how much you can do with rope-based play equipment. The local area is steeped in rope making history, so we made the perfect partner for the council to work with from consultation and design, right through to installation.” – Tony Lucas, Huck Play Manager

Get Started on your Playground Project with Huck Play Today

We could create a long list of all the incredible playground projects we've worked on over the years, but these projects just go to show the range of work that we do – from small local play areas to larger commercial projects.

If you're looking for playground equipment for your park, school or holiday centre, get in touch with the Huck Play team today. We can provide you with amazing new equipment making the very most of the space you have. 

We know what it takes to create a truly incredible playground, and we'd love to help you out.

How Does the Process Work?

If any of the playground equipment included in the projects above caught your attention, or you've spotted some other structures on our website that you'd like to talk about, all you need to do is give us a call or send us an email. Tell us what it is you're after, the size of the space you have, and any other details that can help us understand the project better.

Our team will then work with you to come up with your dream playground, considering every detail to make sure you're 100% happy with the end result. We'll put the pieces into production and then install them for you, leaving you with an incredible new area that's sure to be enjoyed by everyone who visits.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping create your ideal playground!





What playgrounds do you work on?

We work on any playground project, from small local play areas to larger commercial projects. Wherever there's a need for outdoor play, we can help!

How long does it take to install a playground?

Playground installation times are completely dependent on the extent of your project. If you're after a fully bespoke or large-scale playground, it will take much longer than a small, standard playground. As part of our consultation process we'll be able to provide a more accurate timeframe for you.

Do you provide installation as part of the service?

Yes, we provide installation as part of our services. In fact, we offer a complete end-to-end playground service, from consultation and design, to installation and servicing.

Do you offer playground maintenance and repairs?

We absolutely do! Keeping your playground in top condition is really important, so our team provides maintenance and repair services for all of our playgrounds. We can also supply spare parts for any Huck Play equipment you already have installed.