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Holiday Park Play Equipment

Give your campsite a fun new attraction with Huck Play's holiday play park equipment! You'll keep your guests coming back year after year with our range of truly exciting playground equipment – designed to inspire, engage and entertain.

Product overview Holiday Park Play Equipment
Rope net tower 1

Rope Net Tower 1

Article number 4595
Equipment height 6.05 m
Space requirement Ø 9.50 m
Safety zone Ø 11.60 m
Min. fall protection 105 m²
Height of fall 2.00 m
Concrete necessary m³ 4.30 m³
Recommended minimum age for children over the age of 6
Number of user 58
Standards and Rules EN 1176
Unit price
£ 11,585.00
Mini-M slide

Mini-M Slide

Article number 4540-20
Equipment height 1.80 m
Min. fall protection 19.20 m²
Space requirement 3.00 x 2.20 m
Safety zone 5.60 x 4.60 m
Height of fall 1.00 m
Concrete necessary m³ 1.25 m³
Number of user 2
Recommended minimum age for children over the age of 3
Standards and Rules EN1176
Unit price
£ 2,175.00
Little Eagles nest, without slide

Little Eagles Nest without Slide

Article number 4634-1S
Recommended minimum age for children over the age of 3
Space requirement 2.75 x 2.10 m
Safety zone 5.05 x 4.70 m
Min. fall protection 17.30 m²
Height of fall 1.00 m
Concrete necessary m³ 0.70 m³
Standards and Rules EN1176
Equipment height 1.00 m
Unit price
£ 2,506.00
Little Eagles nest, with slide, steel posts

Little Eagles Nest with Slide

Article number 4634S
Equipment height 1.80 m
Space requirement 3.80 x 2.80 m
Safety zone 6.40 x 5.00 m
Min. fall protection 22.30 m²
Height of fall 1.00 m
Concrete necessary m³ 0.80 m³
Number of user 8
Standards and Rules EN1176
Recommended minimum age for children over the age of 3
Unit price
£ 2,947.00
Jungle rope swing, Suspension height 2.50 m

Jungle Rope Swing Seat

Article number 4770-08-250
Unit price
£ 614.00
out of

Holiday Play Park Equipment

Do you have a holiday park that needs something to make it even more fun? Or perhaps you already have an existing outdoor play area, but it's a little outdated?


Well, you're certainly in the right place! Our holiday play park equipment is perfect for making your site even more exciting, creating a memorable place to stay for your visitors.


We have a wide selection of play structures and equipment, from swings and slides to multi-play and large-scale structures, so you can create a playground perfect for your holiday park. Our range includes structures suitable for all different ages, so whatever your site's demographic is, you can cater to it with our innovative playground equipment.


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On top of that, all our pieces are constructed with materials designed to last, so you can be confident your outdoor play space will stand through multiple summer holidays and stay looking its best for years.


And if your equipment does become damaged during that time? Our playground maintenance team will come to your site and carry out any necessary repairs, so your park can stay open and enjoyable.



We've helped many holiday park owners create the perfect outdoor play area, so if there's anyone you can trust to get the job done, it's us.


Add some extra fun and excitement to your site today with Huck Play's range of holiday park play equipment! 


Contact us for a quote and to get started on making your holiday destination even better.




Do I need a playground at my holiday park?

Yes! We really do recommend that all holiday parks – small or large – have at least some playground equipment to offer to their guests. It'll provide your site with an extra attraction that will keep your guests coming back time and time again.

What are the benefits of installing play equipment at my holiday park?

Play equipment can add a fun and exciting element to your holiday park – something that will encourage your guests to keep coming back. It also provides a safe space for children to interact with other children and gives time for adults to relax, knowing their children are safe.

What holiday park playgrounds have you worked on in the past?

In April 2022, we completed a playground revamp at Trevalgan Touring Park in Cornwall. Their existing play equipment needed a refresh, and that's exactly what we did! You can read all about the project here.

What playground equipment should holiday parks include?

Think about the ages of children that typically frequent your holiday park, and consider the types of play structures that will be appropriate for them. Our Bird's Nest Swing is a classic choice for any playground. Or, if you have a larger space to work with, our rope play towers make a really great centrepiece.

You can always give us a call or drop us an email to discuss your options further!