May 9, 2023

How Often Should Playground Equipment Be Inspected? Our Guide to Safe Play

When constructing a new playground, you have a legal and moral responsibility to maintain a top level of safety. Official playground inspections are essential, as well as scheduling regular maintenance checks.

All playground equipment in the UK should comply with the most recent European safety standards, both from the point of manufacture and installation. And when it comes to playground inspection, there are three levels you need to consider – Routine Visual, Operational, and Comprehensive Annual Inspection. Each level has its own purpose and should be conducted accurately to ensure the safety of children using the equipment.

Here at Huck Play, safety is always at the forefront of what we do, and we’re dedicated to helping you preserve a safe and fun play environment for children. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about playground inspections and maintenance so you can ensure your site is safe and compliant at all times.

UK Safety Standards for Playgrounds

All playground projects and play equipment in the UK must comply with EN1176 requirements, as set out by the European Playground Standard.

There are seven parts of the EN1176 requirements, and you must adhere to the relevant parts depending on the equipment you own. If not, you risk the safety of users, and your organisation might be liable.

To make sure you're complying with these standards, you should be looking to inspect your playgrounds weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Inspection TypeLevel of InspectionWhat’s Involved
Weekly Inspection Routine Visual Checks Checking for any recent vandalism.
Identifying any defects or missing parts.
Checking the basic condition of the equipment.
Monthly & Quarterly Inspection Operational Checks Maintaining vandalism checks.
Identifying wear and tear signs.
Checking for any loose fastenings or missing screws.
Annual Inspection Comprehensive Annual Checks Major and minor wear and tear signs.
Structural and surface integrity checks.
Testing all vital components.
Compliance with EN1176 requirements, risk assessment and health and safety regulations.


Playground Equipment Inspections

Weekly Playground Inspections (Routine Visual Checks)

It's strongly recommended that all playgrounds and play equipment be inspected on a weekly basis. If you can inspect your equipment daily, that's better! But as a bare minimum, weekly inspections should be carried out. This makes up your routine visual checks.

This is especially important for busy areas like holiday or campsite playgrounds or flagship parks – areas with more frequent use are more likely to have a higher risk of wear and tear, and you need to ensure that any potential hazards are identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.

These regular inspections should be carried out by the person who purchased the play equipment or a member of the body responsible. Their job will be to follow the standards outlined in EN1176 and ensure any issues are reported.

Routine Visual Checks

Routine visual checks are those that you should be carrying out regularly.

With your Huck Play equipment, you'll receive a detailed maintenance schedule outlining what needs to be inspected and when. This will help you understand the process and ensure your playground is safe for users.

Some of the routine checks you should carry out on a weekly basis include:

  • Checking for any recent vandalism
  • Identifying any defects or missing parts
  • Checking the basic condition of the equipment

Any faults will need to be officially recorded and reported to the relevant authorities.

If you're ever unsure what exactly is required or need support, our experienced team is always on hand to assist you.

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Annual Playground Inspections

Monthly & Quarterly Playground Inspections

In addition to your weekly inspections, monthly and quarterly checks should be carried out to ensure the equipment is in good condition and still compliant with EN1176 regulations. These checks make up your operational inspections.

Again, these checks should be carried out by the person or body who purchased the playground equipment, for example, a member of the council or the school.

Operational Checks

Some of the more in-depth inspections that should be carried out for operational checks include:

  • Maintaining vandalism checks
  • Identifying wear and tear signs
  • Checking for any loose fastenings or missing screws

Again, any issues found must be systemically recorded and reported.

Playground Maintenance Inspection Checklists

Our maintenance guidelines will be in the Inspection Checklist we provide with your Huck Play equipment. This checklist will help you focus on all areas of the playground and ensure everything is up to standard.

By this stage, you should have developed a sound routine of inspecting the play area and be able to identify any potential problems quickly.

If issues need more in-depth checkups, we can arrange to send out one of our trained technicians to assess the equipment and provide further advice. After all, safety is our top priority, and we want to ensure that your playground is always in top condition.

Annual Playground Inspections

The All-Important Annual Playground Inspections

Annual playground inspections are the most important, as they comprehensively overview your play area's overall state and safety. This is the one that will be the most thorough and should be carried out by a suitably qualified person.

These inspections ensure that your playground meets the highest health and safety requirements, and ongoing maintenance should follow the EN1176 standard. This doesn't just include your equipment but the playground area as a whole.

Provided you've conducted all of your visual routine and operational checks, your annual inspection should be relatively straightforward, and you (hopefully) shouldn't come across any significant issues.

Comprehensive Checks

Annual outdoor play area inspections should be carried out by third-party playground inspectors who aren't connected to the play area in any way. Some of the checks they’ll carry out include:

  • Major and minor wear and tear signs
  • Structural and surface integrity checks
  • Testing all vital components
  • Compliance with EN1176 requirements, risk assessment and health and safety regulations

The professional carrying out the inspection should draw up a fully detailed report with all of their findings, and any recommended maintenance work must be carried out as soon as possible.

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Playground Equipment Inspections

How Huck Play Can Help With Your Playground Maintenance

At any point in your routine inspections, should you identify any problems with your Huck Play equipment, we can arrange to send out one of our expert maintenance technicians to take a look and fix any issues that have been identified.

We strive to provide support where we can to keep your playgrounds up to standard and make sure that they're safe for everyone to use.

You can contact us by phone or email, and our experienced team will be more than happy to discuss any of your playground maintenance needs. Also, if you have any questions regarding your Huck Play equipment, we'll help clarify any areas you're unsure of.

We hope this guide has provided useful insight into playground inspection, but if you'd like to know more, our experienced team are always here to help!

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Does Playground Equipment Need to Be Regularly Inspected?

Yes, and it's really important that you get these checks carried out. A regular maintenance and inspection routine will highlight potential hazards and help you maintain a safe environment for children, which is crucial. Any repairs or playground refurbishment should be systemically reported.

How Often Should Playground Equipment Be Inspected?

There should be weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual inspections of the playground equipment to make sure it meets all parts of EN1176 safety standards. Each inspection should include a check of the equipment’s structure, surface and any other components that could potentially be hazardous.

What's Involved in Playground Maintenance?

Playground maintenance involves regularly checking and maintaining all aspects of the playground equipment to ensure it is safe for children to use. This includes inspecting the structure, surface, and any other essential components, such as fixings and rope connectors. Any potential hazards or wear and tear should be identified and addressed immediately.

Who Carries Out Playground Inspections?

You yourself (or whoever purchased the playground equipment) should conduct weekly, monthly and quarterly inspections. However, for the annual inspection, an independent specialist should be brought in for an expert assessment.