Playground Apparatus for Schools, Commercial Playgrounds & Communities

Create a central hub for your school, commercial playground, or community park with Huck Play! Our wide selection of playground equipment and custom design options let you build a vibrant, engaging area for children and families to gather.

Whether you’re part of a school board, community organisation, or a commercial entity, we’re here to help you create a unique playground from the ground up, offering a complete service from design to installation.

We use high-quality materials and leverage our design team’s creativity to offer a broad range of playground equipment suitable for all ages. Our professional installation team will set up your playground efficiently and safely, making sure it’s done right.

We handle everything, from the initial idea to the final setup, ensuring a hassle-free process and delivering an outstanding playground that will delight your community for years to come.

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Types of Playgrounds We Build

At Huck Play, our extensive portfolio showcases our wealth of experience in constructing playgrounds for a diverse range of clients.

Whether you're looking to create a dynamic play area for a commercial space, an educational setting, or a community park, our expertise covers it all.

We've successfully delivered high-quality, engaging playgrounds for commercial entities, schools, and public parks, each designed to meet the specific needs and aspirations of our clients and their users.

Our projects range from small, bespoke school playgrounds designed to promote physical activity and learning through play to large-scale commercial recreational facilities designed for public engagement and community building.

Rope-Based Outdoor Playground Equipment

As the UK's leading rope-based play equipment supplier, we have a wide variety of playground apparatus available to help you design the ideal play area for your community or business.

Rope Pyramid Climbing Frames

Our rope pyramids are a favourite among children for their exciting and challenging climbing experience.

Made with our durable Hercules rope, these structures can withstand heavy use and offer a variety of play options for different ages and abilities. They are ideal for community and park playgrounds.

A great example of our rope pyramid structures is the Super-Climb Maxi. This large climbing frame can accommodate lots of children at a time and is suitable for ages over 6, making it the perfect main structure for a public playground or school playground equipment.

rope pyramid

Rope-Based Play Towers

Our rope-based play towers are a firm favourite for both kids and parents. They offer opportunities for climbing, spinning, and sitting with friends.

Constructed using our steel-core Hercules rope and galvanised steel poles, these play towers can withstand frequent use no matter where your playground is located.

One of our most popular play towers is the Steel Birds Nest Tower. This is a medium structure from our Bird's Nest Tree series, but it still packs a punch and is perfect for public parks and commercial play areas. Children will be entertained for hours by combining challenging climbing routes with a slide and a suspended swing.

Explore Our Full Bird’s Nest Tree Series

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Pirate Towers

We also have a range of Pirate Towers suitable for children aged 2+. These structures feature masts, lookouts, and flags that facilitate imaginative play.

Our “Black Beard” Pirate Ship features a variety of challenging climbing routes to the main mast lookout and a slide to get down. This structure is suitable for children aged 6+ and can accommodate up to 35 users.

black beard pirate ship

Swings for All Ages & Abilities

We're proud to stock a wide range of DDA swings suitable for children of all ages and abilities. These swings comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, allowing all children in your community to enjoy the facilities at your playground.

The stars of our swing structures are our Original Huck Bird's Nest swings. These rope-based swings are made from our steel-cored Hercules rope and can be used by multiple children at once.

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Fully Customisable Playground Apparatus

Because we manufacture all our playground structures in-house, we’re able to offer customisable features from bespoke rope colour schemes to fully custom, unique builds.

Custom Colour Schemes

A key feature we offer is the steel-core "Hercules" rope, which is extremely durable and strong.

You can choose from a variety of colours for the Hercules rope to match your playground's theme or your organisation's branding, making it look great while also ensuring it's safe and long-lasting. The rope connectors can also be customised to match your colour scheme

Our galvanised steel park equipment can also be customised. We can powder coat the steel frames and components of the equipment in different colours so they can match your organisation's brand colours perfectly.

Standard rope colours: Green, Turquoise, UV orange, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Red, Grey, Rust, Hemp, & Black

Rope connector colours: Black, Neon green, Blue, Hemp, Red, & Yellow

Standard powder-coating colours: Jet black, Signal yellow, Sky blue, Light green, Rose, Copper brown, & Mint green

Bespoke Structure Builds

In keeping with our commitment to providing the perfect solutions for your park, we offer the versatility of creating bespoke structures tailored exactly to your needs.

Whether you're looking to combine standard structures in a unique way or wish to design a completely original playground, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life.

This flexibility allows us to perfectly integrate our playground equipment into any space, ensuring that each project we undertake is as unique as the communities it serves.

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Why You Should Work With Huck Play

Our expertise ensures your park is not only innovative and safe but also incorporates cutting-edge designs that set new standards in play, whether it’s for a school, a community park, or commercial environments.

With our comprehensive understanding of diverse needs, we deliver exceptional playgrounds that stand the test of time.

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Whether seeking initial guidance or ready to dive in, our specialists are on hand to transform your concept into reality with our cutting-edge rope play equipment.

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Do You Have Bespoke Options for Your Equipment?

Yes, we offer bespoke options for all of our playground equipment. You can choose the colour of the rope used for your chosen structures. Some structures have options for rope type and powder coating too.

How Much is Your Playground Apparatus?

Prices for our individual structures are available on the product pages on our website. This price is just for the structure itself and doesn't include installation or other services as part of our end-to-end process. The overall cost of a park will depend on the size and complexity of your design.

How Long Does it Take to Install Your Structures?

The time taken to install our structures depends on the size and complexity of the pieces. Our expert installation team aims to install our parks as efficiently as possible to cause as little disruption to the community as they can.