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Campsite Playground Equipment

Explore our collection of campsite playground equipment to create an incredible outdoor playground for your holiday venue! From huge play towers to classic swings, Huck Play has it all! 

Product overview Campsite Playground Equipment
Liana carousel

Liana Swing

Article number 20.01.090S
Equipment height 3.40 m
Space requirement Ø 3.50 m
Safety zone legally required Ø 8.00 m, recommended Ø 11.00 m
Min. fall protection 50.20 m² / 95.00 m²
Height of fall 1.00 m
Concrete necessary m³ 1.20 m³
Recommended minimum age for children over the age of 3
Number of user 4
Standards and Rules EN 1176
Unit price
£ 11,656.00
out of

Innovative Campsite Play Equipment

Bring some fun to your site with our range of innovative campsite playground equipment!


We can help you transform your existing playground or create a brand-new outdoor play area that'll become a highlight for your guests.


We've provided multiple campsites with incredible play equipment, so we know exactly how to bring the magic of play to a campsite setting.


Our huge range of products includes slides, swings, climbing towers, rope bridges and a whole lot more – all made to encourage imaginative play and fun.


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Our outdoor play equipment caters to a whole range of ages, so all the children in your venue will have something to enjoy. Plus, parents will thank you for creating a safe and secure space where kids can explore and play while they relax and enjoy the holiday – all thanks to our top-quality playground equipment!


Bespoke Campsite Playground Equipment

Our team can even work with you to design a full playground that's completely tailored to you and your guests' needs. Whether you want a classic campsite playground, an adventure-themed one or something else entirely – we can make it happen.


A bespoke playground from Huck Play is the perfect way to set your site apart from the competition and make sure that everyone has a great time during their stay.


Browse our selection of campsite playground equipment and start creating something amazing today.


Contact us to find out more about our bespoke playgrounds and get your project started! 




Where can I find campsite playground equipment?

Right here at Huck Play! We have a fantastic range of outdoor play equipment suited to a variety of campsite settings. From smaller structures to large-scale rope towers, we have it all. Take a look through our collection, or get in touch to discuss something more bespoke.

What are the benefits of having a playground at my campsite?

One of the most rewarding benefits of play spaces at camping sites is they'll give your guests even more reason to return next year! The added value of having playground equipment onsite means that parents can relax and enjoy the stay, knowing their children have something fun to occupy themselves with.

What playground equipment should I include at my campsite?

We recommend a balance between small structures and a large focal point. Our range of swings is a favourite amongst campers – and for the more adventurous children, one of our rope pyramids and bridges will make an exciting challenge. We offer site visits and assessments, so get in touch, and we'll help you decide the perfect playground for your venue.

How long will it take to install my campsite playground equipment?

This does depend on the size of the project – the bigger the project, the more time it'll take to install. As part of our planning stage, we'll discuss more specific time frames with you and work within your desired and reasonable timeline.