Outdoor Nursery Equipment for Early Years Development

At Huck Play, we understand the importance of outdoor play for early years development. We offer a wide range of quality outdoor nursery equipment to supplement and facilitate outdoor playtime for children aged 2 to 3.

We believe every child deserves access to safe and stimulating outdoor play spaces, and our products are carefully designed to promote creativity, imagination, and active learning.

Playing outdoors has numerous benefits for young children, including improved physical fitness, enhanced motor skills, increased self-confidence, and reduced stress levels, and they need this now more than ever.

According to The University of Cambridge, a quarter of children in the UK spend less than 30 minutes playing outside, 15 minutes less than Ofsted's EYFS recommendation.

We recognise that budget constraints can make equipping your nursery with the best facilities challenging. But with our affordable and durable structures, we’re committed to helping you create an outdoor space that will benefit your students for years to come.

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What Nurseries Do We Work With?

We are committed to ensuring that nursery schools across the UK, from small rural institutions to large urban districts, have access to outdoor play equipment, irrespective of their size or location.

Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment for Every Budget

With finances being a major concern for nursery schools, we have designed a range of play structures that cater to every budget.

We can also support you in sourcing funding for your outdoor play equipment with advice on appropriate funding and grant schemes across the UK. This is a route many schools opt for, eliminating the barrier of financial constraints and enabling them to provide their students with a high-quality outdoor play experience.

Read Our Guide to Playground Funding & Grants

Our products are suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 3, with elements that factor in safety and security for young children.

You'll find everything from classic swings and slides to bespoke rope-based structures that fit your nursery's specific outdoor space.

Take a look at our collection of nursery play equipment that’s ideal for children in the EYFS age bracket, created to support the varied needs of businesses caring for young children.

Balance Equipment


Our wooden balance equipment is some of our most popular with nurseries. It allows young children to learn and practise their balance, agility, and coordination.

Our range includes everything from balance beams to tightropes and rope bridges, suitable for children aged 3+ and designed in accordance with the latest safety requirements to keep your students safe during playtime.

The Slowworm Midi is a great example of our balance equipment, featuring various inclines and tilts to test children's physical abilities. It's an ideal piece of early years playground equipment for developing brains and bodies.

Incorporating various balance structures within a nursery playground facilitates the promotion of physical activity and creativity, simultaneously offering students an avenue to expend energy during recess periods.

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Rope Climbing Apparatus

rope climbing apparatus

For an enhanced challenge in climbing activities, our rope climbing apparatus stands as an ideal enhancement for any nursery playground, serving as an exemplary centrepiece that adds structure to the space.

These installations foster strength, balance, and coordination and cultivate problem-solving abilities as participants strategise their ascent.

Also, our rope-climbing nursery playground equipment is designed to support multiple users simultaneously, encouraging collaborative efforts and the development of teamwork skills among young children.

Our "Fortuna" Mini Pirate Tower is a great example of central rope climbing equipment for your nursery. Featuring multiple rope ladders of varying heights, as well as a nest area for children to converge and play, this structure has everything needed for unstructured outdoor playtime.

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Inclusive Trampoline Equipment


To ensure your nursery is welcoming and accessible for all children, our range of equipment also includes wheelchair-accessible trampolines, allowing children of all abilities to participate in the fun.

These trampolines and bouncers feature a sunken design that allows easy wheelchair access, with plenty of space for carers or teaching assistants to play with and support the children.

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Stay EYFS Compliant With Our Rope-Base Play Equipment

Ensuring nursery playgrounds are compliant with EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) safety standards is crucial for fostering an optimal learning environment.

Our EYFS playgrounds help to cultivate a setting that encourages active learning and social interaction, integral components of early years development.

Why Outdoor Playground Equipment is Necessary for EYFS Nurseries

Outdoor playground equipment is crucial for EYFS nurseries. It enhances children's development and attracts prospective parents with its promise of a stimulating and safe environment.

This not only boosts enrolments and revenue but also elevates the nursery's reputation. High-quality, diverse playground offerings distinguish a nursery from competitors, making it the top choice in areas with many options.

Investing in inclusive EYFS equipment from Huck Play shows a commitment to comprehensive child development, fostering positive word-of-mouth and attracting new clients.

Cost-Effective Nursery School Playground Equipment

Investing in affordable nursery school playground equipment is a smart financial and business decision.

Choosing budget-friendly yet durable outdoor play options lets you get more for your money, either by allowing for a wider selection of equipment or bigger play areas.

This strategy improves the play area and makes the school more attractive to potential parents. They often see the quality and variety of play facilities as a sign of the nursery's care.

Also, wisely spending on playground equipment can save money in the long run by reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Durable Early Years Equipment

Our nursery playgrounds are crafted with an emphasis on safety and durability. Each structure adheres to the rigorous EN 1176 safety standards, guaranteeing a safe and monitored play area for the little ones.

We select only the most resilient materials for our playground equipment to ensure it stands up to continual play. The hardy wood, galvanised steel frames, and reinforced plastic parts resist the elements and remain strong over time.

Also, our steel-core rope design and heavy-duty chains are rigorously tested to bear the weight of multiple children simultaneously, ensuring a secure environment for play and learning.

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Hassle-Free Playground Service Packages

At Huck Play, we offer comprehensive playground design and installation services tailored for nurseries. Our skilled team works closely with you to create engaging, safe outdoor play areas that inspire learning and growth among young children.

How the Design Process Works

The Huck Play design process is meticulously crafted to ensure that every nursery receives a playground that not only meets their specific needs but also inspires and facilitates the growth and development of their young learners.

Here’s how our comprehensive process unfolds:

Initial Consultation Discuss your vision, needs, space limitations, budget, and age range of children.
Custom Design Develop a personalised playground design based on consultation, incorporating your feedback and early years development expertise. Provide detailed plans and 3D renders for visualisation and adjustments.
Installation Professional installation by a team ensuring safety, efficiency, adherence to EN 1176 safety standards, and minimal disruption to your nursery.
Maintenance & Aftercare Offer ongoing support and maintenance advice, periodic safety inspections, and maintenance services to ensure the long-term safety, durability, and play value of your playground.

How Much Our Design & Installation Services Cost

At Huck Play, we understand the complexity of financial planning for playground projects in nurseries.

We commit to working closely with institutions to align our solutions with their budget and needs, ensuring we deliver a playground that meets their educational requirements while staying within budget.

Our team collaborates with you from the beginning, offering a detailed cost analysis to ensure our proposal is competitively priced without compromising on quality and safety.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Playground in the UK? Our Realistic Breakdown

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What Should Nurseries Consider When Planning a Playground?

Consider factors like the age range of your students, the size of the outside space you're working with, and any specific needs your students may have.

Before proceeding with a design, the equipment's safety and durability, as well as its accessibility for students with disabilities, should also be a major consideration.

How Much Do Nursery Playgrounds Cost?

In the UK, nursery playground costs vary depending on size, equipment, and design complexity, starting as little as £5,000. Prices reflect the need for durable materials, safety compliance, and any special features like wheelchair access.

Why Do Nurseries Need Playground Equipment?

Playground equipment is essential in nurseries. It supports the developmental needs of young children, fostering physical growth, coordination, and strength.

Beyond physical benefits, play equipment encourages imaginative play, which is critical for cognitive development and social interaction, and creates a dynamic outdoor learning environment where children can experiment, solve problems, and engage with peers.