May 2, 2023

Huck Play Playground Equipment Cost Guide: Play Towers, Swings, & More

A playground's benefits are endless, and no organisation should let finances prevent them from providing children with a safe and enjoyable play space. But we know playground equipment cost is inevitably a big factor in your decision-making process.

If you’re in the budgeting stage of planning your playground, having a general idea of how much playground equipment will cost can help you set realistic expectations and make informed decisions.

Of course, several factors can affect the exact price of the equipment, like any bespoke features or tweaks needed to the structures to fit your site. Costs will also vary from supplier to supplier, but we can provide you with an idea of what you can expect from our standard Huck Play equipment.

Since we know many organisations do struggle with funding their playground, we make sure to provide you with a vast range of options to suit any budget. From large-scale play towers and pyramids to smaller pieces like swings and slides, we have something for every project.

Plus, our equipment is built to last, combining top-quality materials with our design team’s expertise, so you can be assured your investment will bring years of joy and play to children!

So, How Much Does Playground Equipment Cost?

Playground EquipmentPrice Range*
Rope pyramids £2,097 to £24,516
Play towers £2,484 to £68,962
Trampolines £3,580 to £20,690
Swings £55 to £17,145
Bridges Price on request
Spinning equipment £2,581 to £13,331

* Based on Huck Play equipment as standard

Rope Pyramids – £2,097 to £24,516

Playground Equipment

Rope pyramids range in price from around £2,097 for small, basic towers through to around £24,516 for larger constructions.

These make great flagship pieces in both small and large playgrounds, providing a central focus for the site and offering a place where numerous children can play, interact, and challenge themselves. Not to mention, they look great!

Mid-range Rope Pyramids

The Super-Climb Maxi is a great mid-range rope pyramid from our range, priced at £6,175. This basic pyramid shape equipment is suitable for children over the age of six, making it a versatile piece for your playground.

You can choose from our standard range of 11 rope colours, including orange, blue, grey, rust, or a combination of colours to match any existing equipment or colour schemes.

Higher-end Rope Pyramids

Another popular rope pyramid is the Midi Cheops Combination. This piece of outdoor play equipment features a walkway between two rope pyramids which makes it a great focal point of your playground. Priced at £20,962, this large outdoor playground equipment is great value for money.

Our most comprehensive rope pyramid and the most expensive from this selection of commercial playground equipment is the DINO 1 Rope Net Pyramid with Slide. Priced at £24,516, this is the most pricey rope pyramid in our range, but it essentially offers an entire mini public playground in one piece, making it great value for money.

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Play Towers – £2,484 to £68,962

Playground Equipment with Slides

Play towers also make a great focus in the playground, offering plenty of opportunity for children to climb, slide, swing and explore.

At Huck Play, we offer a wide range of play towers to suit any budget and age group, costing anywhere from £2,484 to £68,962 as standard.

Lower-end Play Towers

At the lower end of the price scale, we have the "Fortuna" Bird's Nest Tower. This is a basic tower that only requires 2.70m in diameter.

The tower features 2 claiming nets and 2 ladders that lead to a Bird's Nest platform where children can climb to the top and imagine themselves as King or Queen of the playground!

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Mid-range Play Towers

For a more middle-of-the-road option, our Pirate Tower is a great piece of playground equipment. With a price tag of £9,377, this climbing frame brings a touch of the nautical to your playground.

It provides hours of imaginative fun, thanks to the clever pirate ship design, complete with a crow's nest. It also features climbing nets, rope swing hoops, and hammock-shaped nets.

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Top-end Play Towers

At the opposite end of the price scale, we have the "Black Forest" Combination Bird's Nest Tower. Priced at £68,962, it's one of the most expensive pieces of outdoor play equipment we sell at Huck Play. However, this tower is worth every penny!

It's a combination of multiple play structures, including climbing nets and walls, slides, monkey bars, and swings. It also features an enclosed space at the top that mimics a treehouse.

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Trampolines – £3,580 to £20,690


Trampolines are a core addition to any playground and make a great additional feature to break up bigger pieces of equipment.

From traditional round trampolines to rectangular bouncers with accessibility features, we have options for every budget. Prices start at around £3,580 and up to £20,690.

Our "Rolli" Trampoline with Wheelchair Access is one of our most inclusive trampolines and is priced at £8,710. It’s suitable for children over the age of 3 and can be used by wheelchair users and their carers or friends simultaneously for a shared experience.

At the top end of the price scale, we have the "Maximus" Trampoline. As the name suggests, this is one of our biggest trampolines, quoted at £20,690. For no extra cost, you can choose various colours for the safety tiles and the jumping mat itself to personalise your play area!

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Swings – £55 to £17,145


No play park is truly complete without some classic swing sets, which is why we havea diverse selection of swings that cater to every need and budget. From single swings to multi-seat options, our collection offers a variety of choices to accommodate different play settings and group sizes.

Our comprehensive swings are at the higher end of the price range, coming complete with a swing frame, seat, and all the fixings. But we also offer swing seat replacements at a lower price point should you need to restore your existing equipment.

Original HUCK Bird’s Nests – £860 to £1,031

Our innovative HUCK Birds Nest swing ranges in price from £860 for the Original HUCK Mini Bird’s Nest® up to £1,031 for the Original HUCK Bird’s Nest®. These iconic swings are available with a choice of rope colours as standard, so you can personalise your play area project with local colour schemes for no extra cost.

Browse HUCK Bird’s Nests

Giant Rope End Swingers – £1,499 to £17,145

Another popular choice of swing is a rope end swinger. These swings are made from thick, braided rope to provide a swinging platform to stand on while traversing from one end to the other.

These can be a fun addition to any commercial play area or school play park that provides an alternative to traditional swing seats. The Hydra Swinger is one of our most popular rope end swingers. It isn't our cheapest swinger, priced at £6,372, but with a double frame and double swinging ropes, it's excellent value for money.

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Bridges – Price on Request

Rope Bridge

Our bridges come in various shapes and sizes, which affect the overall cost of the item. You can request a quote for any of our rope bridges on our website or by giving us a call.

Explore playground bridges

Spinning Equipment – £2,581 to £13,331

Spinning Equipment

We offer a wide range of spinning play equipment, ranging from £2,581 to £13,331. These structures make great additions to smaller local playgrounds and also go well in larger playgrounds, allowing children to mix up their play choices.

Some of our most popular pieces of spinning playground equipment include:

  • Spiral Carousel – £6,339
  • Bird's Nest Carousel – £6,221
  • Pendulum Seat Combination – £7,342
  • Liana Swing – £11,656
  • Nest Carousel – £2,581


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Additional Costs When Building a Playground

Other factors can affect the cost of playground equipment, too. You should factor these into your planning and consider if these will apply to your project.

Custom Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment Setup

Custom playground equipment often costs more than standard options due to several factors, like:

  1. The design and planning stage for bespoke structures is more involved.
  2. Customised equipment may require parts or materials not typically used in standard models, leading to increased material costs.
  3. Installation of bespoke equipment can be more complex and time-consuming, further contributing to the higher price.

Tweaking standard structures or coming up with completely new designs requires an extra level of consideration and expertise and, as a result, a higher cost.

But custom playground equipment offers unique and exciting play experiences for children that they won’t find at any other play area – they’ll be unique to your site! This can be particularly beneficial in commercial projects, where the goal is to attract and engage a large number of children.

We love creating bespoke playground equipment, and we love seeing the joy and excitement it brings children even more.

Powder Coating Options

Custom Playground Design

Opting for powder coating can increase the overall cost of your playground equipment, too.

We currently offer 7 standard powder-coating colours, including jet black, sky blue, and light green, which are available across our whole equipment range. However, the process of adding these finishings to your equipment will require additional time and resources, which will be reflected in the final price.

The benefits definitely outweigh the costs, though. It adds a unique touch to your playground aesthetic, which will draw in more users and make your playground stand out in a sea of similar designs. The coating also helps to protect against weathering, increasing the life of your equipment.

These additional features, while increasing the initial investment, contribute to a more vibrant, visually appealing and long-lasting playground that aligns with your design vision.

The Benefits of Huck Play's Custom Playground Design Services

Funding for Playgrounds

We know that finances can be a major hurdle for some playground projects, but many UK funding and grant options are available for you to take advantage of, such as:

To find out more information about funding your project might be eligible for, check out our Playground Equipment Grants & Funding guide, where you can find a wealth of information on grants, funding bodies and other helpful advice to get you started.

Choose Huck Play: Experts in Trusted Quality Playground Equipment

With over 20 years of experience in creating playgrounds across the UK, we know the value of great quality playground equipment, and we strive to provide you with the best value in both the cost and quality of play experience for children.

We have a fantastic reputation for quality, safety, longevity and value – but don't just take our word for it. We’ve worked closely with thousands of organisations to create incredible playgrounds for schools, councils, holiday parks, and more, and the results have been excellent.

Our innovative design team and in-house manufacturing processes enable us to create equipment that goes above and beyond.

We do our best to work within reasonable budgets, and we'd love to have the opportunity to show you what we can do.

Contact us today to get started!

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Why Does Playground Equipment Cost Vary?

Playground equipment costs will largely vary across suppliers due to quality, design, and materials. The better the quality of the equipment, the more it’s likely to cost.

As the UK’s top supplier of rope-based playground equipment, we know what it takes to create incredible playgrounds that last, but we always do our best to work within your budget. After all, the most important goal is to provide children with a fun, safe and engaging play experience.

What Factors Affect the Cost of a Playground?

The cost of your playground will largely be determined by the size of your site, the equipment provider you select, and the type of application you are building it for. The complexity of the equipment you choose also has a significant effect on the overall cost of a playground.

Read our Playground Cost Breakdown for more information.

Is There Funding Available for Playground Equipment?

Yes, many grants and funding options are available for playgrounds across the UK. Read our guide to playground funding and grants or feel free to get in touch – we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.